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Meet Jake & Jennifer Beaty

About Whatcom County Sweet Memories Doula Birth Services



Meet Jennifer Beaty, CD(DONA)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved babies! Since I was a teenager, I’ve loved birth stories. Serving the outcast and children-at-risk have been on my heart since very young. Now I’m blessed to combine dreams as I raise our children (3 adopted, 4 biological, 3 in heaven) and help mothers have their best birth as I provide doula support.

  • I am originally from North Texas and all my relatives still live there, apart from my immediate family.

  • I lived in Bolivia from age 22 to 33 as the director of “Casa de Amor Children’s Homes” for abandoned and orphaned babies. We welcomed volunteers from around the world to serve alongside our national staff. Si, hablo español!  

  • One of my greatest challenges, joys, and learning experience while in Bolivia was coming alongside the street population of young people addicted to glue, alcohol, and more, as a friend and mentor.

  • My Mom was my teacher growing up – I never went to a day of traditional school. I have homeschooled my children since adopting the boys.

  • I might never have left Bolivia except for my Prince Charming arriving from Washington state to marry me and bless me with a quiverfull of children...which meant we needed some family support! Thus Germantown, Tennessee, where my parents and 3 sisters reside since 2009. (Update: my parents now live near us in Washington, yay!)

  • Our first two biological daughters were born in Bolivia, with a young midwife friend from New Zealand present. I have done a lot of neat things, but the mountaintop feelings of my home births are unapparelled!

  • Within 13 months of marriage and less than two years after meeting, Jake and I had a 10 week old, particularly high-maintenance daughter, and three new sons, ages 10, 10, and 9 ½. It was sink or swim! Our confidence that God wanted us to have these children and Jake’s humor got us through those early months...and still does!

  • Four months after moving to the United States, a new church friend asked me, “Have you ever thought of becoming a doula?” Within a week I had read all about it, consulted with birth worker friends, and signed up for the next DONA training in Memphis!

  • August 2016: DONA training with Rae Davies of The Birth Company (and I loved every minute of it!)

  • November 2016: Our third daughter was born in a dream home water birth with my husband at my side and our other 5 children sleeping, since she came in the middle of the night, only 2 minutes after asking the birth team to come!   

  • In July 2018, I completed the certification process and became a certified doula with DONA International! The very next day after "The Call", I found out I was pregnant with our 7th.

  • Taking pictures of my crew makes me happy, even though my teens would rather I give it up.

  • I love baking and am always trying new recipes, especially ones that are wholesome and tasty!

  • My favorite thing (besides the peace and quiet of naptime) is family outings—to a park, the zoo, to pick berries, to take the boys fishing... Getting out with lots of kids is always a memorable occasion!  

  • One of my favorite things as a doula is educating and alleviating the fears and concerns of pregnant mothers. I learn so much from my own pregnancies and births and love the continual learning process that is pregnancy and birth!

  • Update: After so many smooth pregnancies, 2021 brought new dimension to our personal experience and thus compassion for others. We experienced the sadness of baby loss three times over - an early loss, then much-loved twins who stopped growing at 11 weeks and 22 weeks, with several complications in between. If grief has been part of your family's journey, too, reach out to us for resources or a listening ear.   



Meet Jake Beaty

Yes, I’m a guy who encapsulates placentas. Yes, I recognize this is a little unconventional. There’s not much about me that’s conventional, though, so in a way, placenta encapsulation makes perfect sense. I’ve lived a quarter of my life without electricity, was a ship’s captain at the age of 28, worked at a hospital, taught science in South America, owned my own digital marketing company, managed the service department of a classic car dealership, and now work in aquaculture pharmaceuticals.

Thirty-five years ago my dad moved our family from the Seattle suburbs to the Eastern Washington wilderness. He and my mom built an off-grid log cabin that we called home for six years. My dad and I wrote a book about this experience, a memoir from my dad’s perspective called Winter’s Comin’: A Lifelong Dream Fulfilled. My dad frequently said, “Strive to be unique.” So I did.


I went to college at the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY. I graduated with honors and worked as a civilian on US Navy auxiliary ammunition ships. These experiences honed my attention to detail and high performance standards, two traits that help me encapsulate placentas with excellence.


When I was 28 years old, I sailed as Captain of the Spirit of Grace on a voyage to Israel during the Lebanon War in 2006. I dealt with engine trouble, injured crew, corrupt port officials, and crew desertion. These experiences will be the subject of my next book, partially written perhaps during a few long dehydration cycles.


After the Israel voyage, I moved back to the cabin and began working as the Materials Manager for the local hospital. I took over a department in complete disarray. From the physical space to the computer systems and the management processes, everything needed to be overhauled. In less than two years, I rehabbed the department, and found a passion for cleanup, organization, and efficiency that I bring with me to the service we provide for postpartum moms.

I traveled to Bolivia while working for the hospital and met a lovely lady from Texas. She was running the orphanage she had founded eight years before, and I was smitten. I accepted a high school science teacher’s position at the International School in Cochabamba, and Jennifer and I married a few months later. I came to love Biology and Chemistry, and I bring my lab training and experience to placenta encapsulation.


Our family grew in Bolivia, with three boys we adopted from the orphanage, and two girls Jennifer birthed at home. I was squeamish back then, and fell over sideways from a sitting position when it was time for me to cut our second girl’s umbilical cord. I’ve come a long way, baby!


We moved back to the States in September 2015 for family support. Jennifer birthed another girl at home, laboring so quickly she delivered before our birth team arrived (I'm a mid-husband!). I’ve been steeped in the ideas and experiences of homebirth, especially since Jennifer started her doula training. I’m excited to participate with her in serving moms and babies back in my home state of Washington.


“Women who hire a doula not only experience less pain during labor but also have healthier babies, are more satisfied with their partners and happier with the birth experience.”

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